Why Use a Proofreading Service?

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There are times in your professional or academic career where the quality of your writing can make or break you. Common situations that come to mind include: graduate theses, university applications, and résumés. 

When it comes to putting the final touches on these types of significant writing projects, many professionals and academics recognize the importance of securing someone to proofread or edit their papers. For many people, their social networks provide access to an individual with a proofreader’s skill set.

Instead of, or in addition to, having a friend proofread their papers, many writers will choose to engage the help of a proofreading service. A well-qualified and professional proofreader can be of significant benefit to most writers. 

To help you evaluate whether using a proofreading service is right for you, this article will discuss four benefits of working with a proofreading service.

Access to the Proofreading Service’s Expertise

Working with a proofreading service allows you to tap into the expertise of their professionals. This may seem obvious but can be easily forgotten. Proofreading services are similar to other professional services. When you pay a professional to proofread your paper, the deliverable that you receive is a proofread paper (obviously!). However, behind that proofread paper, what you have actually paid for is the professional expertise of the proofreading service.

This is similar to when you hire an accountant to do your taxes. Yes, the output you receive back is your completed tax return. However, a big part of what you are actually paying for is the accountant’s expertise in understanding the tax code and how it applies to your particular situation.

When considering hiring a proofreading service, it is helpful to consider the company’s level of expertise. Among the many proofreading services available, many have niche strengths. Furthermore, the level of expertise among proofreading services can vary greatly. If you are working with a reputable proofreader or company, your writing project could benefit greatly from tapping into their expertise.

English Editors and Proofreaders Have a Wealth of Expertise
Working with a proofreading service allows you to tap into that company's expertise.

Opportunity to Learn from the Proofreading Service

Related to having access to the expertise of the proofreading service is the opportunity to learn and develop as a writer. This won’t be a priority for everyone who uses a proofreading service. Many academics, professionals, and writers will primarily be looking to get their papers edited quickly and move on. Equally so, you may be an individual who would welcome the opportunity to learn from the insights provided by an editor. Developing writers and those learning the English language are particularly likely to value the learning that can come with working with an English editor.

Most proofreading services provide two main opportunities to learn from the expertise of their proofreaders. First, most proofreading services will provide a document that shows all of the changes made to the edited paper. These changes will usually be presented using the “track changes” function that is common in most word processors. Reviewing the track changes in your edited paper provides a quick and simple way to see where the proofreader identified grammatical errors or other opportunities for improvement in your paper.

The second opportunity to learn from a proofreading service is through direct dialogue with your proofreader. Most proofreading services will provide their customers the opportunity to communicate directly with the English editor for their papers. After receiving your edited paper and reviewing the track changes, you may identify areas where more insights from the proofreader would be valuable. Enquiring of your proofreader can help improve your understanding of the English language and provide you with a second perspective on the wording in your paper.

When It’s Critical That Your Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar Are Correct

Many writers decide to use a proofreading service because the stakes are simply too high not to. As mentioned in the introduction to this article, there are some writing projects for which it is just too risky not to work with a professional editor or proofreading service. This is commonly the case in both academic and professional settings.

In an academic setting, writing errors can create unnecessary distractions from a writer’s intention. Worse yet, spelling and grammar errors can cause readers to question the capability and thoroughness of that individual. Examples of where these unnecessary grammar distractions want to be avoided at all costs are graduate theses, PhD proposals, and academic journal submissions. As it relates to academic journal submissions, spelling and grammar errors can literally disqualify an article from getting published. The level of precision and accuracy required in academic writing is a reason why many academics and students choose to engage an English editor.

Professional work environments also present many situations where technically correct writing is required. For most individuals, a résumé or CV is the professional document that mandates the highest level of perfection. It is no secret that hiring managers will frequently discard a candidate’s application for typos appearing in a résumé.

Furthermore, the increasing use of LinkedIn by professionals is an area where the use of a proofreading service can be highly valuable. When you publish an article on social media under your name, you want to make sure it is grammatically correct. Therefore, many professionals will engage a proofreading service before publishing such content.

Whether preparing an application for review by a single hiring manager or publishing an article onto social media, there are many professional situations where it makes very good sense to use a proofreading service.

Efficiency of the English Editor
Working with a professional English editor can be more efficient and practical than calling on a friend.

Practicality and Efficiency

Finally, using a proofreading service may simply be more practical and efficient than other options. Although friends and colleagues may have the skills necessary to proofread your paper, that doesn’t mean they are going to be available when you need them. The great thing about a professional English editor is that editing your paper is their specialty. It is what they exist to do and what they get paid to do.

Most large, reputable proofreading services are available 24 hours a day. That means they are available whenever you require their proofreading help. Furthermore, the turnaround times for getting your proofread paper back are also quite good. Most proofreading services are able to return your paper within 24 hours. Practicality and efficiency are two more reasons why it can make good sense to get the assistance of a proofreading service.


For your most important writing projects, there are compelling reasons to engage the assistance of a proofreading service. The expertise of a good proofreader will bring significant value to your writing project. 

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