ESL 101 Class: What to Expect

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For non-native English speakers, attending an English university can be both stressful and intimidating. One of the first courses non-native English speakers frequently take is English as a Second Language, which can put some students on edge. Once they’re in class, however, students typically realize they had nothing to fear. Being prepared ahead of time can ease some of these worries, so here are some things you can expect if you’re a non-native English speaker who is about to take an ESL 101 course. 

What to Expect

English classes can seem intimidating. However, once in class, most ESL students realize they had nothing to fear.

Tips on How to Most Enjoy the Class

The overall objective of ESL 101 is to get non-native English speakers prepared for university courses. Don’t worry about messing up or being left behind – the courses are designed around you, the student. Instead of letting your anxiety build, try some of these tips to ease your worries.

English Students Working Together
Seek to make friends with your ESL classmates. Together, you can work toward your common goal – learning English as non-native speakers.

Things to Prepare for Class

If you’re not the type of person to just jump in, there are some steps you can do ahead of time to be better prepared. If you’re a planner, here’s a list of things to consider before you start your course.


As with any new subject, the important thing about learning English is to stick with it. Push any fears you may have aside and realize that if thousands of other students can do it, then you are more than capable. Just be sure that you show up prepared, focus on making friends and building relationships, and have fun! 

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